Jerome a highly paid speaker at these events

Not sure the correct way to spin this, but whenever Jerome speaks, the market goes up. Okay. This looks like the second day of testimony to run concurrently with the January 6th hearings, which are having their effect. I love corporate credit in here, discount to fair value in the ETFs. That doesn’t mean corporate America is off the hook. Roe V Wade has the potential to disrupt the pause button moment, The SUPREMEs are just sitting on the decision, their minds are made up a long time ago, Justice Roberts doesn’t want them to appear to be the Religious and Political Radicals that they really are, Neo-Puritans, so he is trying to soften the decision, put on the ruse that they are still contemplating their decision, and yes maybe he will argue them out of a few of the more punitive Hester Prynish punishments, the decision will be released in an effort to deflect attention from the hearings. Then they get on a boat and head to America. Or Mars with Elon Musk.

Political division in America is problem one. The Fed throwing gasoline on the inflation fire is problem two. Raise the cost of money on Main Street? So it looks like another episode of dog chasing car, should we actually break higher here, call it a bullish reversal.

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