Short and Long Term

You see why I like this. The fear trade is on hold.The great Treasury debacle of 2019 is lying in wait. How will it happen? I am certain that a lack of new issuance is going to seal their fate. Wait too long and when you come to market you must auction a lot of … Continue reading Short and Long Term


round up the usual guffaws

There are a couple charts left over from last week. My broker sent me their top analysts short term call for the stock market, and he believes the market will respect the high, accept the range and pullback here, possibly ever so gently. I call it bull market fodder, the momentum is going to take … Continue reading round up the usual guffaws

Ahab’s Silver Whale

This link is to an article revealing a very interesting conspiracy theory about a supposed anomaly in the COT report on Silver. The analysis of the article is under construction, but let's lay out the pieces. Through some deft deconstructing of the COT report the writer finds that there is one outlier on the … Continue reading Ahab’s Silver Whale

Gold Link w commentary

This was posted at 321gold, and since I agree with all of it I want to share that link. I do think the writers is misinterpreting the Fed policy/Yield Curve relationship. Assuming there is a slight lag between FFR and YC, generally this supports my interpretation that the YC tends to flatten while rates … Continue reading Gold Link w commentary

Abject Conclusions Ahead of the Fed and more missing links…

It may be the pullback to 127 will not happen, which still leaves open the question will the oscillators support the move over the long term. That may be the wrong question at this stage. If the captions are too hard to read, the gold panic buy hasn't started yet. That will move the Gold/Silver … Continue reading Abject Conclusions Ahead of the Fed and more missing links…

Copper-wear (the case of the missing volume)

There is a problem with Freeport McMoran Evidently Stockcharts found the missing volume data on Copper and adjusted their charts? What do you expect for free? I do want to make the point I could have double checked that with some other sites. I will post the updated chart at the end of today. … Continue reading Copper-wear (the case of the missing volume)