Real Time Charts 1114

The bears don't seem to have much of a case, I notice when a little stock gets put up for sale a LOT of buyers jump all over it, and even if the market is trending sideways the price action gets lifted higher. It's not there are a lot of large green bars out there, … Continue reading Real Time Charts 1114

3 day triangle in S&P

There are only a few minutes left in today's trading, and I suppose we might go out on a bit of weakness and open lower tomorrow, while we have limits here, we can game the bullish move should one arise. There is a trend line through the middle of this triangle, which will converge with … Continue reading 3 day triangle in S&P

Why Fed Repo Madness?? A convergence of opinions…

These two articles from different places converge upon the WHY of WHY so much money is being thrown at the Repo window. Our researchers believe the overnight Repo shortages are a very clear sign that US and foreign markets may be trapped in a US dollar shortage and completely over-leveraged in risky debt that … Continue reading Why Fed Repo Madness?? A convergence of opinions…

Calling a top? Or not (Update Shark Sighting!)

The return to Repo is timely. Liquidity is waning, although perhaps the source is still valid, the methods are now in question. Can Repo monetize new money for the stock market AND fund government DEFICIT spending, and what if the two are using the same pool of cash. Oi Vey! Government spending is linked to … Continue reading Calling a top? Or not (Update Shark Sighting!)